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Employee Benefit Plan Audit

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As the annual accounting and reporting requirement for employee benefit plan audits increase in complexity, the IRS and U.S. Department of Labor continue to analyze these plans more thoroughly each and every year. An inaccurate or incomplete audit can be costly to your business. This makes it critical to hire a firm with the knowledge and experience in handling employee benefit plan audits.

At Gordon Advisors, P.C., we understand these complexities and constantly changing requirements. This is why we specialize in the audit of employee benefit plans of privately held companies. Our professionals have significant experience serving single and multi-employer plans of various sizes. These plans include benefit and defined contribution plans, 401(k), and profit sharing plans. Our firm performs over twenty-five retirement plan audits annually.

As a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we believe this continually demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standards in the performance of employee benefit plan audits.

We Value Your Time

At Gordon Advisors, P.C. we are able to perform employee benefit plan audits efficiently and accurately due to our extensive experience and training. National and even large regional firms typically  have higher billing rates and are often overwhelmed with other audits; as a result you are paying more for your audit or even pushed aside for a "larger" engagement, and it can take months to complete your audit. At Gordon Advisors, P.C., once we start an audit we work through it until it's complete. This is why we can assure you that your audit will be completed accurately and within a timely matter. You'll never have to worry about us starting and stopping work on your audit like larger firms frequently do.

Keeping You Informed

401K Audit

Every year, pension and welfare benefit plans are required to file an annual return regarding their financial condition, investments, and operations. The Department of Labor and federal government require plans with 100 participants or more (at the beginning of the plan year) to file a schedule H with their Form 5500. Generally those who file a Schedule H are required to be audited by an independent certified public accountant. At Gordon Advisors, P.C. because of our qualifications and commitment to delivering the highest standards we promise to keep you informed when your plan could qualify for exceptions which could save your business money.

For more information on Employee Benefit Plan Audits or 401K Audit, please contact Paul Arment.

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